Major'sProject Pop


Popcorn with Purpose
Our organic, non-GMO kernels

are popped in small batches using organic virgin coconut oil. We keep it real with simple, vegan ingredients – no preservatives here. We use the perfect amount of organic cane sugar and Himalayan pink salt, for a light and balanced flavor.

The Popcorn Maker


I'm Chauniqua Major - Louis, often known as Major, and I dreamt up Major's Project Pop when I realized that most popcorn on the market was a little too dirty for my taste. You know, too many ingredients that I couldn't pronounce.  After months of travel and hesitation, I headed to my kitchen on a mission to make popcorn that kids from 1 to 92 could enjoy without the guilt factor.


A wild idea turned into a batch of popcorn. A batch of popcorn turned into a passion.  Shortly thereafter, all roads led to every batch of my signature Kettle Popcorn featuring ingredients that were organic, non-GMO, vegan and super easy to pronounce.


Project Pop is on a mission to give the gift of quality snacks, food education and smiles to snackers all over the globe. We believe in purpose and people over profits. 


Thank you from the bottom of my belly for your support!